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P.O. Box 63

8112 Otelfingen


Phone +41 44 206 44 00

Fax +41 44 206 44 00

Office Germany


Gutenbergstraße 2

77955 Ettenheim


Phone +49 7822 8674070

Fax +49 7822 8674071


For over 10 years, different applications of the Turbo Hydro Jet (THJ) have been successfully in operation. We are proud of having the trust of well-known market leaders in our service, in the unique features and in the performance of the THJ. Our commitment to customer excellence is the main driver of our business. We build long-lasting relationships and provide the best possible solutions by keeping our promises and creating value.

The first Turbo Hydro Jet was developed together with “Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung" in collaboration with BASF, BMW Rolls Royce and the DICOSY Team, and is still successfully in service since 1993. 


Providing Disaster Control Systems


Our Vision


Ensure firefighters globally have Turbo Hydro Jet access.



Our Mission

We protect people, the environment and businesses.

Our Profile
Committed to Environment and Society

In 2013, DICOSY AG was founded to develop and lead international sales and services in cooperation with Zikun Fahrzeugbau GmbH. As one of the leading companies in the setup of customized systems to combat, control and prevent disasters, Zikun is a trusted partner for the last 44 years. In 2017 Zikun initiated a change of ownership which resulted in the launch of DICOSY GmbH with its main purpose in engineering, manufacturing and service.


Our organization is highly committed to protect the environment and society. We conduct ourselves based on high respect for individuals and nature, which is reflected in our supply chain.


Being able to recruit and build the best team, we are offering our associates challenging jobs with individual development. To encourage employees and demand achievement is the fundamental philosophy that moves us forward. Regular training at all levels ensures that employees develop and fulfill their potential in the best possible way. 


Our value streams and processes are established based on lean management and continuous improvement to create the best possible value for our customers. 


Life-long learning is our attitude and we would be proud to create the future with you.

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