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For over 10 years, different applications of the Turbo Hydro Jet (THJ) have been successfully in operation. We are proud of having the trust of well-known market leaders in our service, in the unique features and in the performance of the THJ. Our commitment to customer excellence is the main driver of our business. We build long-lasting relationships and provide the best possible solutions by keeping our promises and creating value.


In 2013 DICOSY AG was founded to develop and lead international sales and services.

As one of the leading companies in the setup of customized systems to combat, control and prevent disasters, Zikun is a trusted partner for the last 44 years. In 2018 Zikun initated a change of ownership which resulted in the launch of DICOSY GmbH with its main purpose in engineering, manufacturing and Service.

The first Turbo Hydro Jet was developed together with “Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung" in collaboration with BASF, BMW Rolls Royce and Zikun, and is still successfully in service since 1993. 

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