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Turbo Hydro Jet System
Key Features


up to 150 m / 70-80 m height

Covered area

~ 35,000 m²/min

Water quantity

up to 8,000 liters/min

4-6 liters/(m² x min)

Mass flow density

Droplet size

Ø 375-425 µm

Continuous operation

250 hours

Lifetime cycle

20-25 years

Worldwide Furthest and Highest Spray
Distance: Up to 150m / Height: Up to 70m

The Turbo Hydro Jet System is a multifunctional mobile aerosol generator with the option of one or two aeroderivative jet turbines, generating precipitation which is 6 – 10 fold the intensity of heavy rainfall. This unique aerosol technology and its multiple fields of application have been evaluated and supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


Our solution has been successfully applied in the chemical and petrochemical industries, predominantly for cooling and securing plants following the precipitation of hazardous materials. Our Jet System converts water into a powerful water-gas spray which operates as a unique hazard prevention application covering large areas as well as three-dimensional objects, out of the danger zone.

Top View Water Spray
THJ Single Unit
Turbo Hydro Jet (Datasheet: THJ-T1, THJ-T2)
THJ Radiation
Turbo Hydro Jet
THJ Twin Unit
Turbo Hydro Jet (Datasheet: THJ-C1THJ-C2)
THJ Module
Turbo Hydro Jet (Datasheet: THJ-M1)
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