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Service and expertise are vital for the safe and effective use as well as the continuous improvement of our systems. We provide excellent service 24/7. Our experts are very pleased to support you through education, maintenance and tactical operation, based upon your request. We are proud and happy to share our knowledge, acquired from global experts, tests, and real life scenarios over the years. 

Consultancy / Evaluation

Comprehensive assistance and guidance for all applications and client services.

Staff Training

Education and technical training for operators and tactical training for squad leaders.

24-Hour Service

Worldwide, continual assurance of the operational readiness of the systems and sub-systems.

Maintenance and Repair

After-sales service, logistic support and spare part stockpiling:

  • 24/7 Service Inside Europe

  • 48/7 Service Outside Europe


Retrofit of existing firefighting systems with the Turbo Hydro Jet System.

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Actual Mission Support

Intelligent service modules assure support of actual missions.

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